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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Webhosting Packages

A friend told me that he would like to start a new website and blog. He used to be a blogger, actually, but after not updating his blog for a long time and thought that he had lost interest in blogging, he allowed his domain name and webhosting to expire. Now that he would like to pick up his hobby again, he found that he has lost touch with the latest news in webhosting.

I told my friend that it is not difficult to come up to speed again. After all, he's not entirely a green horn. He could easily check out the top 10 web hosting companies currently as rated by Web Hosting Geeks and the types of services available and features offered by each of these top ten hosting companies.

As a webmistress myself, I too rely on a hosting review website like Web Hosting Geeks to look out for new promotions and coupon codes when they are available. Although I do not have plans to subscribe to a new webhosting plan for the time being, I still keep tabs on webhosting news and trends.


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