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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Redo

I complained to my friend that my curls from the perm I did a few days ago are gone! I thought that digital perm could last two months??? My fiend told me that I shouldn't have washed my hair at home the first time after the perm and I should have done it at the same salon so that if all the curls are gone, I could "make noise" and they would do it for me again for free.

Yeah, I guess I should have done so since I went to a top salon in Ipoh and they do have a reputation to keep. But frankly, after sitting at the salon for four hours that day just to get my hair done, I don't want to go through the same thing a second time. Sure, I was still able to blog with my phone but too long a wait that I almost pissed in my seat since I didn't want to walk to the washroom alone which was quite a distance away. After all, it was almost 11pm already.

Aih, unfortunately, now my curls are almost gone and it looks like a DIY perm that I did myself at home and to think that I spent a small fortune on it!


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