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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Online Restaurant Reservation

My cousin, Jasmine, returned for Christmas and will only leave after Chinese New Year. I asked her how London is for her and she says that after more than ten years living and working there, there are still many places that she has yet to explore.

Jasmine is very adventurous especially when it comes to food. She said that she likes trying out new places to eat and there are so many london restaurants offering international cuisine that she has trouble deciding which restaurant to go to!

Jasmine told me that unlike in Ipoh where we could just walk into any restaurant for a meal whenever we like, one needs to make a reservation with fine dining restaurants in London. However, booking a restaurant is very easy and could be done online.

A website like allows one to make restaurant reservations online for free. It's so convenient, you know. Just search for any restaurant that you would like to try by using the two search options available on the homepage. You could search by name, by cuisine, by area or even by ambience!

I like the fact that search results could be refined to only restaurants that are running special offers currently. That sure saves lots of time!

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