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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visit To The Dentist

I'm at the dentist's now waiting for my appointment. It's actually for 12.15pm but I'm here early, way too early, in case someone turns up late or doesn't turn up at all and there's a free slot for me. This dentist is a specialist in Ipoh and if I do not take this slot, the other one available will be on 20th and the next available one would be on the 25th. That's too far away and my appointment has long been overdue. Sigh.

There are so many things for me to update and I thought that I have many things to buy like clothes, shoes and also a watch but the funny thing is that at the mall last evening, I saw so many things for sale that would be good to have but I don't need them. I only bought a miserable t-shirt. I guess it would take some time and several trips to update my personal stuff.


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