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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Colorful Scrubs

After 7.5 months, I finally am able to take care of other things besides Snoopy. I accompanied my mother to her physiotherapy session yesterday and noticed that despite not visiting the hospital for so long, everything hasn't changed much at all. The doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are still in their plain lab coats, uniforms and scrubs.

Hospitals are very depressing places and frankly, I don't like to go if my mother didn't ask me to tag along. But I know that the hospital staff, especially those in children's wards, can make the environment more cheerful with colorful cherokee scrubs. Whoever said that hospital staff MUST wear plain white, blue or green uniforms only?

Did you know that one of the best selling Cherokee pants is in fire engine red, one of my favorite colors? Trust me, that would totally cheer up the hospital ward! I think it would make a lot of difference to the mood of patients, especially the children!

Cherokee scrubs need not be expensive at all because there are plenty of discount scrubs for sale. I think that a change in scrubs is a worthy investment by the hospitals if it could brighten up the hospital. I wish I could make this suggestion to the Health Ministry.


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