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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally Got My Hair Done

Finally, after so many months being trapped at home nursing Snoopy where my hair got longer and longer until I had to cut my own hair, which is something that I sometimes do, I got my hair done by a stylist.

I went to a famous hair salon in Ipoh just now and the boss told me that it would need 1+ hour and told me to take a seat. So I told my ride to leave and I'll give him a call when it's done.

But when I took a seat, he asked me to put down my hair, asked me how short I wanted to cut my hair and then told me that he can't do it and told me to make an appointment for tomorrow! I was pissed as he could have told me that he can't do it in the first place so that I could go somewhere else.

Anyway, I told him that instead of discussing this, he should start work. That would save a lot of time, wouldn't it?? And he said that I'm wasting each other's time for not making an appointment. I told him that I have to do it today and I will be going to leaving tomorrow morning. I don't even know when I will be back.

So i asked if there is another salon nearby and he said that he doesn't know. Then he recalled that there is a branch salon nearby and I could walk there. He must be joking. He wants me to get mugged? In the end, he called up the nearby branch and told them there's a customer who wants to do this and that. I told him I need a ride over but he said he doesn't have a car!

In the end, he asked his stylist to send me over. Sigh... So much trouble and wasting of breath just for getting a hair cut and perm. Actually I've written this post still sitting at the salon with me hair half cut.


imelda said...

good for u coz u can make ur post while having ur hair cut. i have to own an itouch soon.

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