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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Taking Refresher Driving Lessons

I have been contemplating buying a car for the past two years already but every time I am on the verge of committing to a car installment plan, something comes up, like the increase in gas price, which makes me defer my plan. Can you imagine how relieved I felt each time there was an increase in gas price and I had yet to buy a car?

Anyway, while I would like to have my own car, I don't need one now. But this got me thinking that should I finally own a car, I would probably need to take refresher driving lessons. I know people say that once you know how to drive, it will come back to you naturally even if you haven't driven a car for years. I haven't been in the driver's seat for at least 15 years now and even if it will come back to me naturally, I would like to rebuild my confidence on the road with refresher driving lessons.

Additional lessons after all these years of not driving would help me handle the car, my new car, with more confidence. It may cost me some money but I think it's unavoidable. Wouldn't it be more expensive if I were to get into accidents and be forced to buy high risk auto insurance because of my poor track record on the road?

Of course, all these are just plans right now. I don’t even know when I could execute them!


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