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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Polygamy Club

I read an interesting article on The Malaysian Insider today, which was reproduced from New York Times. It looks like there is a Polygamy Club in Malaysia, though polygamy is not something new in Malaysia.

I am not Muslim but I understand that Muslim men here in Malaysia are allowed to marry four wives legally but only with the consent of the first wife but does anyone care? Also, as I understand it, the reason that Muslim men were encouraged to marry a second, third and fourth wife is to help these women who are supposed to be unfortunate. Perhaps they are widows with children whom they are unable to care for and support financially. Perhaps they are ill.

But in this society, are these taken into account? These are the reasons that men DON'T WANT! They in fact, do the opposite by looking for wives who are younger and younger, prettier and prettier!

While it is legal for Muslim men to marry four women at the same time, it is not for men of other religions. Yet, scores of men keep mistresses and breed illegitimate children and the worst thing is that many of these men are not even able to financially provide for the first family. What a disgrace!


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