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Friday, January 08, 2010

Force Feeding Snoopy

To be honest, after 7.5 months nursing Snoopy, my invalid dog, I am ready to give up. I am dead tired, mentally and physically. I never seem to get to sleep more than a couple of hours in a stretch.

This past week has been exceptionally tiring. No, Snoopy hasn't made any noise since the initial first month which was so difficult to bear but he has been refusing food and water and it is so hard just to try to make him eat. It takes me more than an hour each meal just to get some food into him and to think that in the first few months, I was feeding Snoopy four meals a day. Now, I am lucky if he could finish ONE meal throughout the day. It just wears me down; I'm exhausted and ready to collapse.

My friends claim that I am taking it too hard on myself and that I am too personal. I don’t know how not to be personal when I reared Snoopy since he was only three weeks old and had to be bottle-fed! Those were awful times too but he grew up quickly. Now, I just see physical deterioration day by day.

God, please have mercy!


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