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Friday, January 01, 2010

Taking A Break From Dramas & Movies

After watching dramas and movies continuously for a month, I am ready to take a break. Since the night I started to watch dramas and movies again since the day Snoopy fell ill, I have watched a total of 19 dramas and movies, starting from Hard Fate, a 30 episode TVB drama 'til last evening's House of Fury, a 2005 Hong Kong martial arts movie.

Once I stopped, I even had time to read a book; a children's fairy tale book entitled Penelope. It's a book about a girl who was born with a "pig snout" for a nose because of a 150-year curse on the family. To break the spell, they have to look for a blue blooded aristocrat to fall in love with her and marry her but everyone runs away from her due to her "snout" except for a guy who accepts her as she was. Only problem was that he was no blue blood.

Penelope, like I said, is a fairy tale, so of course she was able to break her curse but in an unexpected way. If you would like to know more, you would have to read the book, or better yet, watch the movie.


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