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Friday, January 01, 2010

New House, Everything New

My new neighbor, who just bought the house next to mine, told me that she is going to renovate the house. Renovation work is expected to take months because of the scale and frankly, I am not happy about that. Our houses share one wall and that would create a lot of noise and vibration for us. I am so not looking forward to the pollution after going through one year of the same during the renovation work on the house opposite of mine. This will be a lot worse!

Just like the new family opposite of my house, this one plans to furnish the house with all things new. She said that she will only bring a long some basic items like clothes and other personal effects. She would just need a small Moving Company to do the moving since the rest of the larger items for the house will be delivered directly from the stores.

When I have my own home, I too wish I have the budget to furnish it with everything new. On one hand, most of what I have in my room were bought by my parents and I still want to keep my room as is. Besides, having everything new at home somehow gives off a different, fresh, feeling!

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