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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Moving To A Smaller Warehouse

My sister told me that her boss has new plans for the New Year and the first thing she wants done right after the holidays is to move to a new warehouse. Although the warehouse is smaller and will be farther away, the rent is lower and that would save her a considerable amount of money in the long run.

My sister and her colleagues do not relish the work that comes with the move. It's not that far away a move but it is still going to be hard labor shipping those boxes, she said, and hopes that her boss will engage one or two Boston Movers to do the hard work but she isn't sure if she will do it since she is a not only a slave driver but stingy to boot too, from the stories I have been told.

Cost aside, I think it would be a good decision to bring in professional movers as it would save a lot of time and resources. Her staff could take care of business as usual since she plans to continue to be open for business amidst the relocation. Like I said, professional, reliable movers are fast and efficient and they make sure that nothing will be damaged or go missing in the process.

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