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Saturday, January 02, 2010

RM0 Monthly Access Fee For Mobile Postpaid Plan

This is something that I have dreamed of for years but right now, only Maxis and DiGi are offering such a plan. For RM30 minimum per month, we do not have to pay any access fee. Although the minimum payment, or commitment fee is still what we have to pay, the cheapest being RM30 per month, all the RM30 will go towards our usage, whether it is towards voice calls, text messages, video call, MMS, data or whatever mobile services that we subscribe to.

I love such a plan and have always wondered why no telecommunications company has offered any thus far, well until Maxis came up with a plan. DiGi followed but I am actually still waiting for Celcom to compete with both Maxis and DiGi by coming out with an even more competitive RM0 monthly access fee mobile postpaid plan.

I am a Celcom subscriber and am happy with the service thus far even though living in Ipoh, which is supposedly Celcom territory, I do experience some down time. However, my plan, C250, is way too expensive for me in the sense that I am paying for something that I am not using. i hope that Celcom will give us something better than Maxis and DiGi so that I could change my mobile subscription plan. if not, I am afraid I may have to switch companies. It wouldn't be difficult thanks to Mobile Number Portability (MNP).


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