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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Moving Business To Home

Jay, a friend who runs a multi-level marketing business, told me that to cut operating costs, he has to consider moving his business back home. I have always thought that he did not have to rent an up market place to store his stocks but he said he needed a posh address. Now, with the weakened economy, he is thinking of moving his operations back home but I am not sure if he will see this through. After all, it is not going to be easy for a guy to let others know that he works from home.

In any case, if and when he makes that decision to move, he would have to think about getting a company as reliable as the Boston Moving company to help with moving his precious stocks. He told me once before that those stocks are worth a few hundred thousand dollars. I wouldn't know if he didn't mention the capital he has dumped into his business. Surely, they don't LOOK like a few hundred thousand dollars!

With all the problems that my friend Jay faces and everyone I know who is also going through something similar, it makes me feel relieved that I am not in the same boat. As you know, I hate stress and don’t handle it very well.

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