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Saturday, January 09, 2010


My dear Snoopy passed away early this morning, and even though after 7.5 months nursing him while he lay paralyzed in my room, and knowing that this moment will eventually come, it is still not easy to digest the fact.

While Snoopy has suffered tremendously these past 7.5 months, I would say that generally he had a good life compared to Dino. I am sad that he has left us but at the same time, glad that he is finally released from the painful body that trapped his soul.

Pet owners will understand that there's no way that we could forget our pets and they are forever in our hearts but with Snoopy, as well as Dino, I will also always remember how painful, physically and psychologically, it could be to keep a pet.

Dear Snoopy, have a safe journey while you join Dino in Pet Heaven.


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