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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Delivery Of A New Car

Wilson, a friend, booked a new car a month ago and is very excited that it will be delivered some time this coming week. What he doesn't like is that, coincidentally, he also just received a memo from the management of his company that beginning 2010, mobile employees like him will have to use their own vehicles. Wilson has been using a company car for a few years already and loves the arrangement. After all, the company bears everything from fuel to insurance to road tax to maintenance.

Wilson funny said that he wouldn't mind so much if his car wasn't spanking new but I joked that this is a chance for him to show off his new car! Well, he wouldn't lose anything since he will be given Car Allowance at the end of the month according to the mileage of the car used for work purposes.

As far as I am aware, Wilson’s company is not the only one that is adopting a mileage reimbursement program. It is a good option for companies with mobile employees to take to reduce their operational costs, lower liability and risks.

Whether Wilson and his colleagues like it or not, they will have to go with the program. They don’t have a choice!

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