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Saturday, January 02, 2010

True Love Exists

I used to wonder if there is anything called true love. I am very skeptical about relationships and marriage but I guess it's only because of all the awful experiences that people close to me go through.

However, after discovering the family secret that has been kept in the dark for the past 25 years, at least, I am beginning to realize that there really is something called true love, and my aunt is a living proof of it.

As I mentioned in that previous post, my uncle is someone with standing in society but if that dark secret was revealed back then, 20+ years ago, he would have lost everything. My aunt took the decision to stand by him even if he has hurt her so badly and betrayed her trust, and not only helped him to cover up the shit he left behind but also helped him in his career and then in his business after retirement.

My aunt and uncle overcame tremendous family objections to be together due to differences in race and religion but it looks like my uncle didn't appreciate the effort or remember the tough times before marriage. All along, my aunt has been looked upon in a poor light and it has been so for the past 30+ years.

Now, with the discovery of this dark secret, no, it was not the keeping of a mistress nor was it as serious as murder but still, it was not something anyone would be able to tolerate, let alone accept. I now understand why my aunt does what she does and it is called "true love". And yes, I now look at my aunt with a new eye. The same goes for my uncle.


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