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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Watchdog's Tale 老友狗狗 [2009 TVB Drama]

This is probably the last TVB drama released and as a dog lover, I am so looking forward to it. Yeah, I know, two episodes have already been aired but i don't like to wait for my episodes so I'd probably collect more episodes first before starting on this drama.

There are only twenty episodes for this drama and although I am not that keen on the cast, well, can Steven Ma compare to Kevin Cheng, because they are way too familiar, remember A Journey Called Life?, I guess the storyline would be interesting enough. If the human cast fails to deliver, I am sure the doggie cast would make up for whatever shortcomings. Teehee!

Like I said, in A Watchdog's Tale, we have almost the same cast as A Journey Called Life. If not mistaken, both are produced by the same guy. Although A Journey Called Life was not that good a drama, it still made an extremely deep impression on me, particularly the scene where Linda Chung gave birth to her stillborn baby. Goodness, her acting was superb there. I hope there will not be such a gory scene in A Watchdog’s Tale!


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