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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get Paid To Blog

Although getting paid to blog is not like it used to be just a couple of short years ago, one could still make decent pocket money from blogging. An old school friend just asked me if it really is possible to make money blogging. Yes, it is possible and writing paid reviews is just one of them.

My blogger friends used to make a lot of money using the pay per post style of blog marketing. It was very lucrative back then so much so that they started more and more blogs! Can you imagine, at the peak, one friend had more than a hundred blogs! That's just peanuts when you compare it with people who manage more than five hundred blogs and websites!

As for me, I believe in enjoying what I do and I certainly wouldn't enjoy it if I had to manage more than a hundred blogs, let alone five hundred! Blogging for me is a passion first and foremost and it is a bonus that I get paid to write. Did you know that I used to write articles to newspapers? Now that I have my own blogs, I no longer do because I can publish my own articles as and when I like!


Khurrum said...

Yes you are right. They came up recently with nice features. They do not hold your payment until you reach any minimum amount. Whatever you earned, you are paid on time.

I am also one of the recent members of paidpublish and I like it.

All the best PaidPublish

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