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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beauty Of The Game [2009 TVB Drama]

We are already into the third week of Beauty of the Game, a fairly new drama that replaced Born Rich, if I am not mistaken. My, how time flies, eh? After airing 11 episodes, I am still not in the mood to start the drama yet. There are only 20 episodes this series and if I want to catch up with it before it concludes, I should start today.

But I am not so keen since this is a female drama where three ladies fight and try to top each other. Well, that's the storyline from the synopsis that I read on the web. But this drama stars Kate Tsui, very beautiful lady, and Sharon Chan, who was in Born Rich. I wonder if anyone noticed that from certain angles, she looks quite like Tavia Yeung, when she was not made up like a Chinese opera star like she was in Beyond the Realm of Conscience. As for the other leading lady, Christine Ng, well, I am not familiar with her name. At least I can’t place her right now.

I guess I am going to keep this drama for the future when I really have nothing better to watch.


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