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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Taking Up Pilates

Paul, my friend, told me that he has just started pilates lessons from a Pilates Boston school. I was surprised because I thought that he's into more vigorous sport as he was a martial arts exponent but he said that his doctor told him to tone down his activities due to injuries. He said that pilates may help him regain better joint flexibility since they are a bit stiff after suffering from injuries from his martial arts days.

I have also thought of taking up pilates or yoga too. Actually, I cannot differentiate between the two and do not know which one is more beneficial to me but I have friends who say that yoga is great and I have another group of friends who are advocates of pilates. They only confuse me more.

However, even if I do want to attend pilates or yoga now, I am not able to because of commitments at home. I guess, like everything else, my new hobby will have to be put on hold. In any case, I will be waiting for Paul to update me on his progress and I am sure he would let me know if there are physical improvements since taking up pilates. It's still too early to tell now.

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