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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Special

Beyond the Realm of Conscience concluded a couple of days ago with a "special" program where the conclusion was shown to a live audience as well as home audience at the same time, like other TVB mega productions.

I watched the Special programme and loved the shots behind the scenes. It's not always that we get to see these actors and actresses when the cameras are not rolling. I am also impressed with the people who used computer programmes to touch up the film. I didn't know that TVB productions are this advanced already. What was the budget of Beyond the Realm of Conscience again?

Earlier, a friend told me that Kevin Cheng's character, Ko Hin Yeung, would die in the drama. Damn him for spoiling the show for me. Luckily, there was a twist to it. Did he or did he not die? I'm not disclosing in case you have not watch it yet. In any case, I thought that Kevin Cheng had an awfully short screen time. I wished I could see more of him. Hehe!


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