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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Home Foreclosures

It is sad to read the many cases of home foreclosures in the newspapers. It looks like the effects of the economic turmoil are still not over yet. My sister said that Jane, one of her former colleagues who bought a home in the Boston area, had to move back to her parents' place in Tennessee because she lost her home after losing her job. Her husband also lost his job earlier and until today, they have not found a suitable job yet and decided to move back to the in-law's place.

My sister told me that Jane doesn't have much time to waste. She will be moving as soon as she has compared the rates of Boston Movers. The problem is that if Jane couldn't secure a job where she was, it may be just as tough going back to Tennessee. The job markets are almost the same everywhere unless one is highly skilled and Jane and her husband aren't.

But Jane said that moving back to her parents' place, at least she would be able to save some money. Her mother could help her with the kids while she looks for a job. She wouldn't have to pay a babysitter or child minder. Although Jane and her family will lose their home, with family rallying around her, I believe they will be back on their feet soon.

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