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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Iron, Perm Or Dye

Recently, I am very self-conscious of my hair. I guess it is because I hacked my hair off not too long ago. Has it been one or two months already? Like I mentioned numerous times, I look like a witch now and I am not happy about it. When I can get away, I am certainly going to do something drastic with my hair. If I remember correctly come this Chinese New Year, it would be two years since I stepped into a hair saloon. I think that with all the money I saved from now getting my hair styled, I could at last justify splurging a couple of hundred bucks on my new hairstyle.

the problem is, I cannot even decide if I should get my hair ironed out, perm or dye it. If I were to perm my hair, would that put a few more years on my looks? I already look haggard enough from all the non-sleeping nights so much so that I look so much older than friends who are the same age as I am.

If I were to dye my hair, what colour should I choose? What kind of hairstyle should I opt for? Should I continue keeping my hair this long down to my waist or should I get a short bob like Victoria Beckham? Argh, there are so many options, I really find it difficult. I think that I always have difficulty making decisions when it involves money. Hehehe!


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