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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Moving To A Smaller House

Stevie called me up a couple of nights ago to wish me happy belated birthday. He said that he didn't forget but was too busy moving house. He also felt sad that he had to let go of his old house. It was a rented house but still, having spent the past five years there, it was difficult for him to let go.

Stevie said he had to move to a smaller house because business has not been good. A smaller house means lower rent but he likes the location. It's a consolation, I guess. I told him that a smaller house wouldn't require as much time and attention to upkeep it so it would leave him more time to do other things. He no longer has to spend the weekend cleaning his house and taking care of the garden like he did for the past five years.

A Boston Moving company helped Stevie with most of the work involved in moving from a larger to a smaller house but Stevie also had to decide which items to discard, which items he wanted to take along. Being a sentimental person, it must have been difficult for him. if I were him, I would want to take everything to the new place!

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