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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Winter in Restaurant City [Facebook Game]

What a surprise it was to log into Restaurant City on Facebook this morning to see so much visual changes to the game. Winter has arrived in the virtual game as you can see from the screenshot that I have enclosed.

Besides snow capped trees, there are also new holiday dishes added to the menu. Although I love the inclusion of new dishes, I do not like that these dishes usually have new ingredients that I have to wait to be sold at the marketplace before I could unlock them. Yes, I also hate the timer placed on these dishes. One has to unlock them within days or they would be gone from the menu. These four holiday dishes only have five days to be unlocked.

If you have not logged into your restaurant in Restaurant City lately, you should. There has been so much changes to the game. In fact, I have seen it grow so much by leaps and bounds from its beta days until it is now the second most popular game application on Facebook.


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