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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sporty Kids

I was surprised when my friend, Aileen, told me that her nephew is already ten years old. The last time I met her, he was just a newborn! My, how time flies. Aileen told me that her nephew and his friends love sports. Perhaps it's the school they attend or their parents who try to cultivate the love of sports in them at a young age. Most children would be glued to their game consoles at home but these boys prefer to be out and about, participating in junior sports when they could.

I told Aileen, that since Christmas is just around the corner, she could get him a Christmas gift of NFL Jerseys for kids. These are not suitable for real game play as they are just replicas and do not offer the a great level of protection for contact sports but for kids who love sports, especially for NFL, I believe they would love to receive a unique gift like a set of NFL uniform.

It’s too bad that I do not need to get Christmas gifts for children. There are no children in my household yet, or I would buy these as gifts as well. It would save me a lot of hassle of coming up with appropriate gifts to buy for children!

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