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Monday, November 30, 2009

Lao Fu Zi (Old Master Q) Visits Ipoh

Wong Chak in Penang - photo courtesy of The Star

Argh! I just read in The Star that the cartoonist of popular Chinese comic, Lao Fu Zi, came to Ipoh. You know, nothing much happens here in Ipoh and I just have to miss it! Pissed or not?? The cartoonist of Lao Fu Zi is Wong Chak, who took over the business from his dad, the creator.

According to the news report, Wong Chak came along with mascots of Lao Fu Zi and Big Potato. I so would like to take photos of Lao Fu Zi and Big Potato, if not WITH them. I remember reading Lao Fu Zi when I was a kid and was entertained by the comics even though I don't read Chinese. Often times, I would have to ask my sister to explain the punchline to me.

But when I was older, I stopped reading Lao Fu Zi and was more inclined towards cartoon from America like Garfield, Blondie and Dilbert. Even though I never remember any particular storyline on Lao Fu Zi, or even Garfield or Blondie and Dilbert for the matter, Lao Fu Zi still made a deep impression on me. It would be awesome to have the opportunity to meet up with Lao Fu Zi and Big Potato and revisit my childhood.


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