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Monday, November 30, 2009

Bid On A Unique Auction Site

December is a month that I particularly dislike. Don't get me wrong; I like Christmas but I don't like the fact that an occasion like Christmas busts my budget! With a long list of gifts to get for my family and close friends, the not-so-close ones can get just a Christmas card from me, I can foresee that my bank account is going to get seriously damaged AGAIN!

A little while back, I was told of a unique auction site called BidHere but I didn't pay attention to it but feeling desperate to save a little money on gifts right now since I didn't work for the past six months, I decided to check it out over the long weekend. I am familiar with online auctions but I have not tried penny auctions before. Yes, BidHere is a penny auction website where auctions start at $0.00! All items are brand new but the thing that makes bidding on BidHere so much more exciting than other conventional online auction websites is the duration of auctions which could be as short as 15 seconds! Most are over in minutes. I like this!

If you are unfamiliar with penny auctions, let me explain to you the concept of BidHere. It is really simple. Create an account with BidHere and you will be given a time-limited offer of five free bids upon registration. Each bid you place on an auction will cost you US$0.60 once you have used up the five free bids. To fund your bidding, you will have to buy a "Bid Package" first. The cost of you bids will then be deducted from your "Bid Package".

I have checked through past auctions and found that auctions of brand new popular electronic consumer products like Nintendo and PS3 closed at amazingly low prices. Can you imagine, an Apple Macbook Air was won at only US$36? The winner of the auction saved more than US$2000! It's funny to think that I have always yearned for a Macbook Air myself and thought that it's too expensive and I could not justify why I should indulge myself with one. With prices this low, I can finally dream of owning the latest electronic devices and gadgets!


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