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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Year End Social Gatherings

December is a month where most of my friends will be home for the holidays. Even though they may travel all around the world throughout the year, even though they may be based overseas, they usually make it a point to visit their family back home in Ipoh around this time. If they couldn't make it, they would make sure to be here for Chinese New Year.

Since I am still taking care of Snoopy, I feel pretty bad that I would not be able to meet up with my friends like we usually do. The funny thing is that we are usually so busy with our lives that we hardly even keep in touch over the internet. Perhaps that's why these once a year social gatherings are so important to us. When we sit down, it's like all the months that separated us had been wiped away and we were back in the old days. Of course that's not true. That's just how we felt like.

I already had to turn down two yumcha sessions with friends during Christmas week. I said that at this point, I can say that I will not be able to do but if by then something bad has happened to Snoopy, if death could be considered worse than being bedridden, then I would be able to make it. Sigh, when could I reclaim my life?


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