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Thursday, December 03, 2009


LOL I came across this word while browsing through Daily Chili this morning. There was an article on sexting among teenagers in the United States and it means to send text, video or picture messages on the mobile phone of pornographic nature.

I have to admit that even as "advanced" as I am, this was the first time I heard of this new vocabulary. I have a friend who likes to create his own words, but he also never thought of this word before.

Anyway, I think that these people who sext, whether they are teenager or adults, are stupid. Once the message is out of your hands, it is out of your control. Already, there are two teenagers in the United States who have committed suicide when the person they sent a nude photo of themselves via MMS forwarded the messages to their friends.

Even if you trust the other party absolutely, there is still a chance of the phone getting into the hands of someone else. Remember Edison Chen? I am sure those photos were for private pleasure only but look how a click of the mouse destroyed the lives of so many innocent people. It's no different with mobile content. And certainly, sending out nude photos of oneself is not the way to show "love". How naive!

Source: Daily Chili


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