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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cake Business

A friend told me that her husband, who was an engineer with a construction giant, lost his job and it has been ten months already and he still has yet to find another job. Well, being a civil engineer, it is a bit tough. When there are not new projects, these companies would let go some employees and rehire them on contract basis when they managed to secure another project.

My friend tried to look for a job to help the family out too but she is lowly educated and it really is not easy when almost everyone looking for a job has at least one college degree! I told my friend that it is not necessary for her to work for someone else. She could be her own boss.

I know that she is good with cakes and she could create her own cake recipes. I suggested that she starts a small home-based business selling cakes. Her husband could help her with taking orders and delivering them, until he has found his own job. That would keep him occupied.

First, she would have to give her company a name. When she has the money later, she could always get a Naming Company to help her with naming and branding but that would be later in the future. She has to see how her business goes first in the meantime.

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