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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Must Watch - A Chip Off The Old Block [2009 TVB Drama]

Although A Chip Off The Old Block is already into its 16th episode, I have only just started watching it two days ago and am at episode 7 currently. I watch so fast that I could watch about four or five episodes every night, if I want to.

Well, if you haven't started on this TVB drama yet, let me tell you, you MUST watch it! It is so, so hilarious that I have to admit that even though I have enjoyed a lot of other TVB dramas previously, it certainly has been a long time since I laughed this much!

Of course, it would not be as funny if you do not understand Cantonese since half the wit is in the action and half is in the dialogue. Reading the sub-titles wouldn't even be the same because of the puns used.

Anyway, I am going to put in a few more episodes tonight and laugh myself silly. I’ve recommended it to my parents as well and they enjoyed the first episode so far. They are really slow. Hehehe!


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