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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Setting Up A Home Based Business

A couple of my friends who have been laid off from work no thanks to the weak economy have decided not to seek employment anymore. They have tried for the past ten months to no avail so they need to move on. These friends are now partners of a home-based business selling handmade crystal jewelry.

I suggested that they set up an eCommerce website so that they could reach a wider group of potential buyers because their products are very appealing and I have faith in them. They actually make great gifts!

My friends have no idea how to set up an eCommerce website so I recommended them a web design Edinburgh company. You know, even though I can set up their online store for them, my work isn't professional at all. Besides, web development is not merely setting up a basic online store!

Although I have no experience with this web development Edinburgh company, I believe they would be able to help my friends in their quest to be successful netpreneurs. It all starts with just a small step, which my friends have already taken. It's extremely fulfilling working for oneself. Besides, there is no longer the stress of going for an interview and wondering if it will be successful!


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