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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Gifts For The Whole Family

Christmas is just around the corner and I still have yet to get ready gifts for the family. I have already prepared smaller gifts for friends and cards for associates but I dread getting gifts for the family because they cost so much more and holiday seasons like these always break my budget. But even with the weaker economy when we shouldn't spend on unnecessary purchases, the season will be here and we have to celebrate it even if on a smaller scale.

Although when it comes to gift giving, it is said that it's the thought that counts, I try my best to buy gifts that my family really wants. I know that my dad would like to have a laptop or GPS device while my brother is looking for a digital camera. As you can see, these surely aren't cheap gifts!

I haven't really decided on what to get yet for them but I've spent the past two weeks browsing the web looking for the best deals on laptops and GPS devices for my dad and top of the range digital cameras for my brother.

Some friends have told me that I am just wasting time looking at price comparison websites for gifts because the price difference is slight, I believe that a penny saved is a penny earned and I don't mind spending a little time on my gift searching to get more value for money.

Laptops, GPS devices and digital cameras are expensive. Luckily, my mother is less demanding and isn’t technologically inclined. I could get her shopping vouchers and she would be extremely happy. As for my young cousins, toys are the order of the day. Zhu Zhu Pets are top toys of the season and I definitely would have to depend on a price comparison website to help me with searching for the cheapest Zhu Zhu Pets available! Wish me luck!


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