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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Where To Buy Cheap Third Party Insurance For Cars Above 15 Years

As you may have read from earlier posts, our family car is turning 30 next year and is one of the millions of cars on the road that are affected by one of the new conditions imposed under the National Automative Policy (NAP) that is supposed to take effect beginning January, 2010 but already affected by insurance companies right now.

These past few days have been a very busy time for since our road tax expires on 15th November, 2009 and we were told that our regular auto insurance agent no longer can get coverage for our car. However, the lady did tell us that we have an option to subscribe to pool insurance that would set us back by RM350 for a year of coverage.

I talked to a friend who is an agent with MAA and he told me that I could still purchase auto insurance from any MAA office right now because inspection for cars above 15 years by Puspakom is only mandatory beginning next year. I called up MAA office in Ipoh and was told that they no longer accept insurance coverage for older care because their quota is already up. However, I was told that I could buy insurance from the post office.

We called up the post office and were told that they do accept older cars, but we would need to get the certificate of fitness from Puspakom first. We did that, paying RM50 for it, and got the certificate, and then with that, went to the post office to buy third party car insurance for our car, which only set us back by RM133 for a year of coverage. Pos Malaysia is also an agent for JPJ and we could renew our road tax with them as well, paying RM2 service fee.

Buying our insurance through Pos Malaysia saved us more than RM200 because if we had purchased our car insurance from an insurance company, we would be forced to either comprehensive insurance or buy insurance coverage for four passengers if we were to buy third party insurance.

However, our road tax increased by RM200 for one year. We were told that fuel subsidy has been removed so everybody's road tax will be more expensive. Ironically, we never benefited from the fuel subsidy because our car is above 2000c.c. But anyway, we can still use our car for yet another year. It may be old, but it's in a better condition than a lot of other cars.


Kitkat said...

It's time to change a new car while the RM5000 rebate is still available. I'm planning to change my 13 years old car soon but I think I still need to save some money first before I can afford a new car. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's a little fishy that a stroke like this forces most middle income group people to be in debt driving national cars?

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