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Friday, November 20, 2009

What Holds A Marriage?

I read a gossip magazine recently about a local celebrity wedding where the couple purchased 6-figure worth or jewelry. By local standards, this is considered extravagant and this is "nothing" compared to Hollywood couples would splash many times more on diamonds and pearls on the occasion of their marriage.

The article got me thinking, what actually holds a marriage. Is it jewelry? The marriage of this particular celebrity couple, I also read, is now on the rocks. On the other hand, I have a friend who likes to harp on the fact that she only spent $30 on her wedding, and she didn't even have a wedding ring, let alone an engagement ring. Even though they could afford wedding rings now, the significance is already lost.

But the marriage of this couple, who is married for ten years already, is still going strong despite going through a lot of hardships. For someone like me who has no faith in the union of marriage, ten years is certainly a long time and this couple make a fine example to me that there are still happy people in marriages who would go through ups and downs with each other.


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