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Friday, November 20, 2009

Time Flexibility

My friend, Amy, told me that her child will be attending school beginning next year. It has been seven years since she left her job to be a full-time mother and is now yearning to get a job and draw a paycheck. I know how liberating one could feel with the "first" paycheck!

Amy asked me what sort of job she could do and I thought that a real estate job would suit her as it allows her to schedule her family around her job. How much she earns will depend on how much time and effort she puts in and it's not ideal but Amy is not willing to compromise on family time.

I think that Amy should do a Real Estate Job Search first and see if anything positive comes from that. Of course, she could continue to keep her options open. Maybe there are other opportunities that would allow her time flexibility as well. I have other friends who managed to reenter the job market after caring for the children in their initial years. I am sure Amy would be able to do so too.


imelda said...

i like this job too it is challenging. id like ot interact with people and test my capability to convince them to buy.

btw, i have a tag foru here. i hope ul take this http://mydailybusiness.net/2009/11/how-does-your-sleeping-position-say.html

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