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Friday, November 20, 2009

36 Critical Illnesses

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from a call centre commissioned by Ace Synergy Insurance to Bonuslink card members and was offered an insurance policy.

According to the caller, the phone conversation was 100% binding and I could easily subscribe to the policy over the phone. I was not very happy about that because I would like to see for myself the terms of the policy in black and white. I asked for the website of Ace Synergy Insurance, which was given to me, but there was no such policy listed on the website.

Since I do not have any medical or accident insurance policy, I didn't have anything to compare this policy with but I specifically remember that I asked if the 36 critical illnesses or some call them dreaded illnesses were covered and the guy told me that the policy does cover them.

This morning, my policy finally arrived in the mail and although I don't remember much what we talked about on the phone, I do remember that I asked about coverage for 36 critical illnesses and it's not stated in the surgical schedule anything about such illnesses like paralysis, heart disease, organ transplant or Alzheimer's, for instance.

Anyway, the good thing about this policy is that I didn't have to undergo medical tests first, so what could I do but to accept it for the time being as I am stuck at home?


Anonymous said...

i to have that call last week,so i want to ask how is the insurance??can you trust it??

Anonymous said...

It's just very basic insurance. I would suggest you get one with medical card since for this one, you will have to pay your medical bill first, then make a claim, and that's only up to RM5000.

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