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Friday, November 20, 2009

I Have Failed Snoopy & Dino

Much as I love dogs, I swear I am not going to keep anymore dogs after Snoopy even though my neighbor plans to give away his pedigree dog and thought that we could provide her with a good home.

Keeping Snoopy and Dino, I feel like I have failed them. Dino suffered from years of epilepsy and Snoopy is bed ridden right now. I know I could have done so much more for them besides buying the pet beds and shoes, feeding them the best food, supplements and many other things that non pet lovers would think unnecessary.

But being able to provide them with all these frills meant that I had to slave at my work trying to earn as much as possible to upkeep them to meet their endless medical and food bills. I should have spent more time with them, playing with them and keep them happy. Sure, working from home, I am around but I can't be with them all that much because I still have to take care of work.

Anyway, I can't turn back the clock now. Dino has left and Snoopy is on the verge of leaving us. I can only try to do my best now.


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