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Friday, November 20, 2009


My friend returned from the launch of HTC HD2 and was immensely impressed with the features of the HD2 so much so that he is contemplating buying it. It's retailing at RM2890 right now but if you have contacts, you don't have to pay street price and can save a little.

Granted, I too am impressed with the HTC HD2 even though I haven't the chance to test it out yet or even read through its features but I guess what's captivating is the 4.3in screen. However, I think that any mobile device above RM2000 is a tad too extravagant since a mobile device is carried around and is too risky what with the prevalent snatch thefts even in Ipoh.

The HTC HD2, just like the iPhone 3GS, is something that's cool to have but do I really need it? Can I justify spending so much on a device that gets obsolete a year down the toad?


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