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Friday, November 20, 2009

Nobody Has Time For Me

Now that Snoopy has been ill for six months already, and although there is no fixed routine still, he is sleeping a lot, up to twelve hours a day. That just shows that he is losing energy.

And this, unfortunately, is also why I am able to spend time chasing the latest TVB dramas like Beyond The Realm of Conscience and Born Rich just like the old days. I can play more games online and I could chat with my friends online longer but then, I still can't go out of the house at all because Snoopy needs me.

Ironically, just when I have the time to look up my friends online, they are all busy with work. Today is a work day after all. One is busy at the work site, one is busy checking the safety products that have just been delivered and one is busy covering the launch of a new consumer electronic product.

And you know what; I thought that since everyone's busy, I'd go and continue chasing Beyond The Realm Of Conscience and Born Rich. Funnily enough, both were not aired because of TVB's 42nd anniversary show last night. Boo!


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