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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stylish Designer Sunglasses

Where I come from, a pair of sunglasses is almost a must-have. The sun is so striking, if it's not raining, that one would need a pair of sunglasses when outdoors. For me, a pair of sunglasses is like a fashion accessory. Even though I do not own too many pairs, I still believe in buying only quality brand name sunglasses.

However, if I could find a retailer that sells brand name sunglasses at a discounted price, you can bet that this is one thing that I would indulge myself in. I may not have an opportunity to get out of the house currently but this will not last long and then I would need my Dragon Sunglasses!

Some of my friends do not mind buying and wearing cheap brand-less sunglasses but eyes are very sensitive organs and I really dare not risk my eyesight wearing untested sunglasses just to save a few dollars!


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