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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chan Hung Lit, You Will Be Missed

I got the news this morning that popular TVB actor, Chan Hung Lit (Golden Chan), has passed away last evening after suffering from chest pains. I have to admit that the name rings no bell at first but after checking it up online, I realize that he is the actor in The Gem of Life and Off Pedder. I watched The Gem of Life but not Off Pedder. Well, I will soon get to that. Apparently, Off Pedder is still being shot because the drama is so long, I wonder how the script writers are going to improvise with the demise of Chan Hung Lit.

If you have watched The Gem of Life, there's no denying that Chan Hung Lit was an excellent actor. He could carry the touch of class successfully when he was a tycoon, and he acted exceedingly well when he was a stroke patient. Strangely, I don't remember watching him in any other dramas. I went through his biography and I have watched some of the dramas that he was said to be in like Heart of Greed and Life Art but somehow, I can't place him.

In any case, even though Chan Hung Lit is not an entertainer the class of Michael Jackson, he is still deeply missed by the Chinese community who watches TVB productions and also those who still remembers him in kung fu productions of Shaw Brothers.


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