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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


A couple of my friends have invited me to join them in their pilates classes. I haven't done so even though I know that my lifestyle is doing more harm to my health than good and I definitely need some form of exercise soon. I haven't tried pilates before but I am always open to something new if time permits.

Lately, my mother has been feeling aches and numbness in her hands and legs and I think pilates could help her. It would be great if both of us could attend pilates classes together. I have been reading up on pilates from a pilates boston website, the website of the first pilates gym in Boston, and it looks like pilates is also suitable for men. Do you think I could interest my dad to join us as well?

I have browsed through many pilates photos on the web recently, before I plunge in. All those twists of body and limbs don't look easy, especially for someone like me who has been leading an extremely sedentary lifestyle quite a long time now, to my own chagrin. If you are practicing pilates, perhaps you could share with me your experiences with it and let me know how beneficial it has been to you.

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