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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience [2009 TVB Drama]

I usually do not like watching costume dramas despite the elaborate setting and colourful dressing, because of the olden language used which I have trouble understanding but I guess, I have to make an exception this time around and watch Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, one of TVB's 2009 mega production. The other TVB mega production for this year is Born Rich, which I am going to watch too because it stars Gallen Lo, my favourite actor at one time.

I am making an exception this time in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience only because it stars Kevin Cheng, my most-est favourite TVB actor for the moment. Although the drama has already aired for two weeks now, I still have not watched even the first episode yet.

I am still watching Witch Yoo Hee, a 16-episode Korean drama which has the oh-so-cute Dennis O. It's taking a longer time that I thought in finishing the drama but not only because its episodes are one hour long but also because the pace of the drama is a tad slow and the storyline is weak. Still there are still another four episodes to go before I will start watching Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. Suddenly, I don't feel like following multiple dramas concurrently.

Looking for photos of Kevin Cheng in Tang Dynasty costume online is not an easy task. It took me the whole morning searching for those that I like just so that I could include them in this post. No matter what he’s wearing, this guy sure looks handsome, huh? Hehehe!


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