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Monday, November 16, 2009


I read about this initiative by the Perak Government in The Star yesterday. Apparently, the Government plans to broadcast its own programmes to Perak folks via its own internal channel on 300 LCDs to be placed around the State from next year onwards. Locations have yet to be identified but will include rural areas. I wonder if 300 LCDs would even be enough judging from the size of the State.

While this initiative is laudable, I can't help but wonder how long interest in this would last. Aren't we all notorious with being excited with something at first and then slack off and leave everything to rot without care or maintenance?

Anyway, even as I am not optimistic about this, I am still interested to see the kind of programmes that would be aired on such public screens. I guess these screens would be placed in government buildings like hospitals and the State building.


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