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Monday, November 16, 2009

Maxis IPO Results Out This Week

This coming week, we will, finally know if our Maxis IPO application is successful or not. Those who are successful will receive their access of RM2.50 per share back; those who are not successful will receive their full payment of RM5.20 per share.

My friend, Soo, keeps telling me that the chances of being picked, even if one applied with the Blue Form, is pretty slim at slightly more than 20% success rate only. Well, of course being successful in an IPO application has always been about luck, let alone with a share as hot as Maxis.

Frankly, whether I am successful or not, I don't really care. For one, this application with the Blue Form is under my brother's name though the funds are mine, and if we are successful, I am only getting 50% of the profit. And if we are unsuccessful, at least I am getting back my capital which I have intended to buy a car with. But of course, if there’s a profit, that just means a newer car for me. LOL


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