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Thursday, November 05, 2009

No Luck In Mafia Wars Loot Events

I've been playing Mafia Wars on Facebook for quite a few months now. Well, looking after Snoopy, not able to go anywhere, one could only get so much entertainment at home. Anyway, since I started playing Mafia Wars, Zynga ran quite a number of Mafia Wars special loot events, and off hand, I could remember the 4th of July event, Moscow loot event, Tiger loot event, Labor Day loot event which they called Hard Labor, and most recently, Halloween loot event.

Even though this is just a game, it stresses me out that I always do not have the luck to collect all eight loot items. I play all the time and still would only get multiples of items except for the elusive eighth piece. I tried spending Godfather reward points on my Stamina so that I do not have to wait for it to replenish by itself, taking precious time but in the end, I wasted them all without looting the last item even though the duration of loot dropping was extended by one day.

For the recent Halloween Loot Event, I read that one would be rewarded with a bonus loot item if all eight were collected but I can't verify this as I am missing Kraken, a special loot item inspired by Pirates, another Zynga game. Sigh, I need better luck!


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