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Thursday, November 05, 2009

New NAP Policies A Burden To Rakyat

Of course, I am referring to the low to middle income group of people. How would cabinet ministers, who are chauffeured everywhere, know the kind of hardships that people who own cars that are older than 15 years go through?

The fact that most of us drive older (not old) cars is that we cannot afford to own a new car. Taking a car loan involves a lot of documentation that the self-employed are not able to furnish. Buyers of older cars are mostly self-employed who buy with cash but that doesn't mean that these cars are no longer road worthy. The cut off year, at this point, is 1994, and I believe we can still see many cars this age on the road, perfectly fine.

A car is no longer a luxury unlike in in the 1940s & 1950s and even in the 1960s but with these new conditions under National Automotive Policy (NAP) which many of us believe are implemented to help revive sales for national cars, it will soon be only the very rich in the country can afford to own cars.

Come on, Malaysia is not an island and we don't need to restrict car ownership. It's fairer if these conditions only apply to commercial vehicles, or even cars above 25 or 30 years old, and I say this even though my family car is turning 30 next year, but 15? That's pretty ridiculous, if you ask me.

Even though these new conditions are supposed to come into effect only beginning 2010, insurance companies have already imposed them on car owners and it is troublesome just to get the car insured in order to renew the road tax. By the way, why do Malaysian drivers have to pay both road tax and toll?


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